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PAYMENTS: You can pay for your purchases using Visa, MasterCard, cheque or money order.

ONLINE ORDERS: You can purchase a web hosting and email plan from us by using this web site. You can also register a domain name. You will be asked for your personal information such as name, address, and phone number. After you place your online order our web site will present you with a form that you are to print out on paper. If you are paying by credit card this form will provide us with your SIGNED AUTHORIZATION enabling us to bill your credit card. You can return the form to us by mail or fax. As soon as we receive the form and confirm your payment we will activate your service.

TELEPHONE ORDERS: We will ask you for personal information such as your name, address, telephone #, etc. If you are paying by cheque we will ask that you mail your cheque to us. If you are paying by credit card, we will send you a form for you to fill out and send back. The form will give us your SIGNED AUTHORIZATION enabling us to bill your credit card.

HOW WE CALCULATE OVER LIMIT CHARGES: Note that for all hard drive and data transfer calculations we consider 1 MB equal to 1 million bytes. When you choose a web hosting and email plan you are allowed to use a specified amount of data transfer each month. Data transfer is the total of all bytes sent and received by your web site, plus the total sent and received bytes for all e-mail activity. We do not force you to stay at any limit however we do charge an additional fee if you go over your limit. Our "over limit" charges are very affordable however if you find that you are going over your limits month after month, you may find it more economical to buy one of our more advanced web hosting plans.

  • over limit data transfer is billed at $0.05/MB

Each month when we calculate data transfer limits we calculate the amount that you have used in excess of the limit provided with your plan.

WEB HOSTING & EMAIL SERVICE: We offer a generous refund policy in which you have 30 days to evaluate our web hosting service. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason we will refund the annual web hosting fee that you have prepaid. Note however that there are some items that we cannot refund. They are:

  • over limit charges
    each web hosting plan allows you to use a set amount of monthly data transfer. If you go over this limit you are required to pay the over limit fee. This fee is non-refundable.

You may cancel your web hosting & email service at any time after the 30 day evaluation period however we will not refund any money.

DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION SERVICE: All sales are final. No refunds are provided.

This is WebForce's Billing and Refund Policy version number 5.0


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